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A Few Examples of My Graphic Design, Writing and Print Work (PDF Files) below. Of course there is more specific info on my resume.  If you’d like one, please email me.


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At first it seems daunting, but if you go step by step, you too can make your own 3D Animation.  I used Carrara software to create this example.  I found it pretty user-friendly and most importantly, relatively cheap. What does this have to do with communications?  Everything!  It’s simply a different medium (and it’s fun).

1. First you start with basic shapes – a sphere and a cylinder. I’ve also put a stormy sky and a black ground underneath the shapes.
Otherwise, the objects seem to float in space.

2. Then you attach your shapes, grouping them together, then move the vertices around in the objects to make the shape you want more realistic. It’s turned a different color for no particular reason.

3. You keep molding your shape, in this instance we’re “cutting out” polygons to make eyes, nose and a mouth.

4. Now you have to add a “texture” to the shape to make it look real. We’ll use a picture of a real pumpkin.

5. Now you have to “map” your pumpkin shape so that you can fit your real-life pumpkin picture onto it.

6. Now add the texture to the pumpkin using your “map.” Then you need to adjust your lighting and put “light bulbs” inside of him so that you can tell he’s empty inside (sounds sad).

7. That’s it! Now he looks like a Halloween pumpkin.

8. Now add other objects you created, a haunted house, a few trees, a ghost and create a scene.

9. Decide what you want your characters to do – make them move frame by frame, add music and you’ve got a 3-D animated movie!