Well, Maybe Not All Those Changes

After much thought, I think I’ll keep it like it has been (see below). More niche marketing, with maybe a few videos going on multiple pages. Resurrection Hippy though, will have its own channel because the algorithm likes a specific, as they say, theme for a channel. If I group everything together the algorithm won’t know what to do with me. This is the plan! Happy 2022. Let’s hope! Here’s a favorite of mine. Enjoy.

Dec. 2021


Fall Into New Changes

Ha, sounds pretty “New Marketing Trends” doesn’t it. Well, the changes are how I’m going to structure my YouTube Channels and eventually this site. Since I’m only one person that does all of this and makes the content too, I need to streamline what I’m doing. Too many focuses. I heard an old proverb that sums it up, “When you chase two rabbits, you catch neither.”

So what all this blather actually means is that EVERYTHING now is going on the main Cindy Lynn Productions YouTube Channel, but I will gather it all into different playlists. This allows the main site to continue to grow with more diverse content, while also allowing more crossover in the topics.

In addition, I’m starting a new vlog, Resurrection Hippy which will also have it’s own playlist. More on that later. Thanks to everyone who has liked and enjoyed everything so far – I hope this will make everything easier to find and I hope you like the new vlog too.

Onward and upward! Or something like that.

Nov. 2021



The other evening out of the corner of my eye I saw something big, and I mean big, walk past my apartment complex. I stood up to see what it was and saw a big (I mean big – I know, we’ve been over this before) doe pause for a second, then walk into the underbrush and disappear into the woods behind the complex. Now, I’ve seen deer before, but that was when I lived closer to the “country” or at least in suburbia. For a deer of that size to be living in a very crowded metropolitan area is fantastic. Amazing actually.

Why? Because I have such a hard time living here. It’s busy, loud, aggressive, smelly, expensive, dangerous, etc., etc., and the only good thing about it is, well I can’t think of much. At some point we’ll go into why I would live in a place that I obviously don’t like and that doesn’t suit me, but I think that’s the issue here. I’m sure Ms. Deer would love to be frolicking across a field somewhere with Bambi and his father following her. Yet I do remember that in that bucolic garden Bambi’s mom had a very, very, bad day, which I guess adds to whatever I’m trying to say here.

Bloom where you’re planted. Live life to its fullest despite not having everything as you want it to be or even close. Make the best of the situation. If a deer can do this, why can’t I? Why am I so unsettled? Why can’t I just “be?” I guess because I’m not a deer and I expect more from life and especially myself.

So why am I sitting here complaining about it? I have the ability to move, leave, change. Ms. Deer must make do with where she is and hopefully not be struck down by a car while she’s wandering about.

To paraphrase another quote that is not original to me, I’m not a tree, if I don’t like where I am or what I’m doing, I can change it, because I have something that the deer and tree do not.



Expressing Myself?

It’s strange and a little unsettling at first to create something and then have the hubris to think someone would actually buy it. My grandmother used to paint when she was younger and was actually very good at it. This has created a problem because “Nana is the painter,” and I’m just, well, I’m just someone who is trying to steal Nana’s thunder even though she’s been gone over ten years. So I have to battle within myself to have the confidence to paint and battle with others because they can’t believe what nerve I have to do so. Zero-sum game this painting thing, I guess.

It doesn’t help that I’m a writer too (Writer? What kind of job is that? Snort), but I think both are related. I see them both as ways to communicate ideas and emotions and I happen to use my hands to do both. And even though writing uses text, I still see the words on the page expressed visually in my mind. So to me, both are visual mediums. One just uses more of my help to get the point across.

Why the need to express oneself anyway? I don’t know. Some people just want to be heard more and maybe understood more clearly . . . ? Why? Ask a good therapist, I suppose, but there must be some driving force behind all this “need for expression.”

Especially since everyone knows Nana was the painter.